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Example of a Classic Lock with Tries function.

Locks are computer programs used to lock doors (usually iron doors to prevent forced entry). The most common lock programs require a password in order to gain entry.

The most common lock code is this (Thanks to Hydrogen on Minecraft Forums) :

  1. --Title: TangentLockLite
  2. --Version: 1
  3. --Last Revised: N/A
  4. --Last Revised By: N/A
  5. --Author: TangentDelta (alias Hydrogen)
  6. --Platform: ComputerCraft LUA Virtual Machine
  7. --Notes: Please don't claim this as yours, give me credit!
  8. edit lock
  9. password

= "hello" --this is your password to "unlock" the door

  1. print "TangentLockLite Ver. 1" --tells you what version it is
  2. write "Password: " --puts a pretty "Password: " on the screen, so you know what you're doing
  3. input

= read("*") --make a prompt where you can type stuff in, and stores it to the "input" variable EDIT: By DJZ07728. I made it so text you type is hidden.

  1. if input

== password then --if what you type in is equal to your password, it does the following

  1. redstone.setOutput ("back", true) --makes the back of the computer turn on a redstone pulse
  2. sleep (5) --pause for 5 seconds
  3. os.shutdown() --makes the computer turn off
  4. else --but if the password isn't correct
  5. print "Incorrect Password" --let's you know that the password is wrong
  6. sleep (2) --pause for 2 seconds
  7. os.shutdown() --makes the computer turn off
  8. end --the end of the program

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