CC Programs Screenshot

Programs on CraftOS

Please note that the programs listed in the image and in the document are outdated. There are new programs available in the ROM files

The ROM files (Found mods/ComputerCraft/lua/rom/programs) are the basic programs that are on a computer when it is created. They form the basic Operating System that is CraftOS. Now, this is easy to override, but that will be on the Operating System page.

ROM stands for Read Only Memory, meaning that you can only view the files in ROM, but you cannot alter them. However, if you go to the ComputerCraft folder in the mods folder, you can modify them outside of ComputerCraft.

These are the current Rom files: adventure, cd, clear, cp, edit, exit, hello, help, ls, lua, mice, mkdir, mc, programs, redprobe, redpulse, rm, shell, shutdown, sleep and type.

Each one has it's own features. When combined with the BIOS and help files, it makes the mod.


  • If you attempt to alter any file or directory in the ROM, you will be given an error message saying that you don't have access to edit the file
  • Using the command "rm *" (Deletes every single file) will delete all but the ROM files and will display an error message saying that you don't have access to edit the ROM

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