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  • Waiting
  • Redstone
    • Inputs
    • Outputs
  • Values
  • Functions And Arguments
  • loops


Well you've created an Infinite Loop, but when you ran it your program your Minecraft crashed? Well what do you do....

You add a sleep( double Value ) Well you will learn what a double Value is later but a simple Explanation is:

A number with a decimal.


Well now you have a wait and a loop(I will teach you how to do a loop in loops)Edit

Now you want to edit redstone signals:


the back is the side behind the monitor

left is the left of the moniter

top is the top of the monitor


well theres 2 ways to call the redstone funtion

  1. rs()
  2. redstone()

inputs are for when you want to do something when a redstone signal is read

so its redstone.getInput( side )
outputs are for when you want to set a redstone signal

so its redstone.setOutput( side, boolean )

If you want to get all the sides and test which is true you use :


And for extra help


  • help programming
  • help api
  • help redstone


There are mas

  1. Integers
  2. Booleans
  3. Tables
  4. Doubles
  5. Objects
  6. nil
  7. string

Now lets go into detail:

to define a value you need a name and a value

like this <Name> = <Value>

for a table you do <Name> = {<Value1>,<Value2>...etc}

without the <>

Integer : a single number like 1
Table: a collection of different data types
Double: a number with a decimal like 1.1
Boolean: a true or false value
Nil: nothing not even nothing

Objects: An object like a function

String: Text defined in between " TEXT HERE "

Functions And ArgumentsEdit

A function is code put in a special carrier to get differant values or call it over and over again
functions are called like function(args) Simular isn't it ? Yes, redstone.*() is a function
APIS are made out of many functions and values to work togeather
to make a function you need
function <name>(<args>)
-- code here

Logic and loopsEdit

logic is what makes computers work

Ever heard of IF gates?

If not its simple

if value1 == value2 then--if value1 equals value2 then

--code here


the logic operators are

put in the middle

theres greater than >

less than <

greater or equal to >=

less or equal to <=

not ~=

you can compare values and the same if statement

like and, or, not this goes like this

if v1==v2 and v3~=v4 then


if you want to do something if the condition is met and something else if its not then you add an else

if v1==v2 then





but what if you want 3 or more possibilitys?

then theres elseif

if v1 == v2 then


elseif v1>v2 then





So when are we learning about Loops?

Well there are 2 mainly used loops

while loops


for loops

a while loop is a special kind of loop that repeats until its condition is met

so if you want an infanite loop

while true do

but if you want a loop that stops

con = 5
met = 0
while met < con do
met = met+ 1
print met

If you want to read a players action like for a password

you type

write "Enter Password: "-- this displays Enter Password: (and reads only past here)

a = read()-- allows an Input into the variable name a Which is a string

Well that covers it....

Sorry if it's messy

without the <>

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